October 2014 006

Patty And Gail

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“A Barbie doll figure” is how my wife Patty describes our next door neighbor Gail. She and Patty have formed a friendship of mutual admiration and support. I have branded them as my Lucy and Ethel after those wonderful and fun characters in the I Love Lucy show. Patty and Gail create joy and entertainment for me and Wally (Gail’s husband) as they pursue zany ways for having fun. It is not so much what they are doing, but how they work together, that is their best practice.

Team work is the secret sauce that helps Patty and Gail sustain their weight loss efforts. Both of them view the other as never doing wrong. They think the other is absolutely their role model. Gail loves having fun with Patty and Patty wants to have Gail’s discipline. As a team they support each other and build each other up. Gail counts calories for both of them while Patty creates fun things for them to do.

My chapter on Patty and Gail is actually about the power of teamwork in achieving sustained weight loss. We need team members who can be supportive, understanding and encouraging. This book provides an entire chapter of best practices for creating a team that will enable your sustained weight loss.

Dieting is stressful. Stress is a major cause of dieting failure. This book identifies best practices for finding and engaging like-minded people who want to enjoy life and live healthier lives. Party with them. Try the fun activities they pursue for cardio exercise. Share best practices. Support each other. Lose weight. Have fun!