Bill Roth’s Story

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When I weighed 213 pounds my doctor issued me a handicap parking permit. I was so overweight it hurt to walk. I was embarrassed. I was in pain. I swore to myself to change.

The question was what to change?

I leaped into dieting with high expectations. I tried different diets over a five year period. None of them worked for me. In a few cases I lost some weight only to regain it. One actually messed up my body chemistry.

Today I weigh 185 pounds. I am still losing a pound or two per month.

Here’s the even better news. I have a dessert like a chocolate eclair once a week at our Friday night dinner parties. I definitely have happy hour most evenings. I eat like a pig at the trough during the Holiday Season.

What did I do that was so different from all the diets we have tried and failed with? First, I used my professional training in economics to figure out why I was so fat. The HUGE surprise from my research was that this problem was not just about me. It was us! Our Baby Boomer Generation (born between 1946 and 1964) is statistically way overweight.

Then I embarked on years of trial and error experimentation to figure what combination of diet and exercise would solve the four reasons why the Baby Boomer Generation is now defined by our plus sizes. I figured out best practices that would sustain weight loss without robbing us of our love for life.

Here’s the great news. The Boomer Generation Diet does require change but not pain. No hunger!. No losing friends because you cannot party with them because they really don’t want to eat a Jenny Craig meal with you. Do you like happy hours? I do too! I still enjoy sunsets and laughs with my wife and friends. This diet works because it only requires change but not sacrifice.

You will love this diet. Even better…you will love the new you in the mirror. I just put on a belt that I had not worn since 1997. It fits again. I laughed out loud! You can too.